Clean and shine your fingernails safely and naturally with Duraneyls Luv2 Home Kit Nail Cleanser. Your fingernails will look brighter, shinier and healthier. Thanks to this specially formulated water soluble formula that shines the nail surface without creating additional layer or coating on top. Reveal your true inner beauty through fine-looking set of fingernails.


Preparing your nail surface:

Allow the surface of your fingernail smooth by using the fine side of a nail smoother. Avoid using the coarse side of a nail smoother as it will result to scratch marks on the nail surface.

Cleansing and shining your nail surface:

(Apply this process one finger nail at a time.)

Apply a small amount of nail cleanser onto your nail surface (as small as the size of a ballpoint tip). Spread even the cleanser using your finger tip.

By using Duraneyls Cloth Buffer, stroke on the nail surface from side to side while applying medium pressure on to the nail surface while striking. Approximately after the 10th strokes, see if you have acquired the desired result. Apply additional nail cleanser if you wish to get better result before continuing with additional strokes. Caution: Applying excessive nail cleanser at one particular time will make cleansing the nail surface more challenging. Apply small amount at a particular time. If you have applied excessive nail cleanser, wash thoroughly with clean water and reapply the nail cleanser.

Caution: For external use only. Not for oral consumption. Store at room temperature. Avoid exposure to heat.

LUV2 Home Kit Nail Cleanser & Shiner can be use up to approximately 176 fingernails.

Please take note: This LUV2 Home Kit Nail Cleanser & Shiner Home Kit are included with Nail Smoother and Pure Cloth Buffer. Thank you

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